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October is traditionally the month when we celebrate God’s provision for us through the gifts of Harvest, although it must be said that the food on display in our Harvest Festival services is now more tinned or packaged than fresh! (Of course, this is gratefully received by food banks, such as the Silklife food bank that operates from the centre of town.)

Both St. Thomas’ and St. John’s will celebrate harvest in their Family Services on Sunday 14th. October, with a Harvest Supper on Friday 19th. October in St. Thomas’ Church Hall. Please come and join in these events.

Harvest is also a time of year when we can be drawn into thinking about, not only God’s creation, which provides our food, but also our own creation, supposedly in the image of God. This fits in nicely with the Bible study we are about to start. After a long spell using the
‘Essential 100’ resource (the 100 most essential Bible passages), we revert to ‘The Bible Through Film,’ with the theme ‘The Meaning of Life.’ On Thursday 11th. October we will be looking at ‘Is there purpose to life?’ and on Thursday 1st. November ‘The ‘end game.’’ Why not come and join us in the Vicarage (or possibly the church, depending on numbers) at St. John’s (7.30 p.m. start). Better still bring a friend; this is a light touch study using Bible passages and the film ‘The Meaning of Life’ by the Monty Python team.

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The first thing that springs to mind when I think of the month of October is “harvest” and this week I received news of this year’s MU harvest appeal  Last year our support contributed to $50,000 worth of food supplies being sent to South Sudan where civil war continues.  This donation assisted over 20,000 refugees in some of the most hard-hit areas, like Rubkona district.  Our attention is now being turned to the longer term question of how we can help these communities find the skills and resources necessary to rebuild, grow food and become self-reliant once again.  Many refugees fled to nearby Uganda, where they experienced the warm welcome of our members awaiting them.  In their camps and new communities they experienced ‘Eagle’, a Mothers’ Union project piloted in Uganda which helps communities reach self-reliance.  It is hoped this project will be brought to South Sudan as soon as possible.  In South Sudan there are over 50,000 MU members waiting for opportunities like Eagle to support their communities but need our help.  A notice with more details of how you can make donations is on the MU Notice Boards in the Church porch and Church Hall.

Last month Lynne Hibbert, Judith Dewdney and I attended the General Meeting held in Swansea and again we met up with Denise Gore, a former Henbury member.  The Celebration Service on the Monday evening was held in the Church of St. Mary, Swansea and it was wonderful to see the church so full with around 400 members.  There had also been an afternoon service which had also been a sell-out!  The evening sermon was given by the Bishop of St. David’s, The Rt. Revd Joanna Pemberthy who was a devoted MU member and this was reflected in her sermon.

Over 800 members attended the General Meeting on the Tuesday at Brangwyn Hall.  Opening worship was led by The Most Revd. John Davies, Archbishop of Wales and this was thought provoking but also humorous, asking us to renew our vision and personal calling and be ready to embrace the challenges required and act in the task of shepherding the vulnerable and challenged as that is what Jesus asks us to do.

There were welcome speeches from the Lord Mayor of Swansea Councillor David Phillips who had been in politics for 34 years and never spoken to so many people at once or seen Brangwyn Hall so full.  He also gave us a brief history of Brangwyn Hall.  He was followed by the Provincial President of Wales Rev. Kay Warrington and the Diocesan President for Swansea and Brecon Mrs. Ruth Roberts who was also the People’s Churchwarden at St. Marys.  We were then welcomed by Lynne Tembey our Worldwide President who endorsed all that had been said already about the services the previous day and thanked everyone for the planning and organising.  We were introduced to her fellow Trustees and our Chaplain Bishop Andrew Proud, and our CEO Bev Jullien and the staff from Mary Sumner House.    We then watched a brand new presentation “Who Are We?”  This can be found on the new MU website and also on U-Tube.   I would encourage everyone to watch it as it was brilliant.  Lynne then read Ephesians 6, v10 and 18 “Be strong in the Lord and his mighty power”.  She has a firm belief that God has been with her on her journey over the last six years.  She went through some of the things that have happened during her term of office, especially the screening live all over the world of Thy Kingdom Come in Hull in 2017 and the new Constitution approved by our Patron The Queen, amongst many others.  

Bev Jullien our CEO then spoke explaining that MU had sent congratulation cards Prince Harry’s marriage and also on the birth of Prince Louis and the letters of thanks received in return were shown to us framed and are to be hung on display in Mary Sumner House.  She went over some of the places she had travelled in the last twelve months explaining that MU makes a difference to 750,000 lives each year.  She explained about Families First now becoming a member publication with 4 issues a year for £10 to be paid by direct debit.  In 2019 Families Worldwide will be delivered direct to members through the post.  The windows at Mary Sumner House have now been turned into displays which will be regularly updated.  Bev went on to explain about the MULOA initiative – listening to God and others, observing and taking action.  Every region in the world has started the project and estimates 200,000 voices have already been heard to refresh MU.  She said MU is like a stick of rock with faith and prayer at the centre.  Wrapped around this is worldwide fellowship and the stripes on the outside show itself through a kaleidoscope of actions (AFIA holidays, helping the vulnerable, knitting projects etc).  We were told that worldwide MULOA helps revitalise.  There are new branches in Argentina, Peru has re-engaged and we have renewed relationships with India.   Going forward we will have the confidence to say who we are and what we do.

Our keynote address in the afternoon was given by Revd. Rachel Carnegie, Anglican Alliance Co-Director and an MU member.  Her talk was based around Faith, Hope and Love.  She has seen MU in action around the world and in Britain and Ireland and has seen faith, hope and love being shared and this is what we are about.  She said the MU is a tree of life and love with branches bearing fruit.  Under FAITH she said she was overwhelmed by the number of members.  She said MULOA is truly faith in action to bring about change for the church and the world.  God is gathering the gifts we have as loaves and fishes and God blesses them and they become the gifts of the world.  She has seen MU bring so much HOPE to people through their projects and mentioned many of them including the campaign against gender based violence and work with prisoners and refugees. LOVE is the greatest of the three and MU always shows loving hospitality.  From little acorns big trees grow and this is the tree of love.  We never know how these acorns will flourish but whatever happens to our membership love will survive. From this talk we were all given a paper leaf to write our own prayers on and these were gathered together and blessed by our Chaplain Bishop Andrew Proud to form our own tree of love.

Daniel McAllister, Head of Fundraising and Communications, then took the stage and produced a large red book for “This is Your Life Lynne Tembey”.  Lynne and her husband David joined Daniel on the stage.  Daniel had looked up the definition and said that “presidency” is a figurehead that America blames for all its problems!  He went on to present a life story of Lynne’s MU journey as Worldwide President from 2013 when she took her very first trip abroad in this capacity and her luggage arrived four days after she did.  Unfortunately her prepared speech was in her luggage!  In 2014 she had visited Myanmar where the Princess had met her off the plane and wanted to know so much about MU that it had ended with Lynne enrolling her on the tarmac of the airport.  We were shown an image of Lynne and the Archbishop of Canterbury when they had been persuaded to dance in 2015 when the Archbishop had said it was like being at the dentist! 2016 had seen her recommissioned at Lambeth Palace.  This was also our 140th year of celebration held in Winchester.   In 2017 she visited the USA and Australia and Thy Kingdom Come was first screened from Hull.  By 2018 she has personally represented MU in 23 countries. She has been a voice of every member.  Lynne’s husband David said he had been basking in her reflected glory but didn’t realise when he had pushed her out of the door reluctantly to her first MU meeting 39 years ago, that she would be sat here today.  She was presented with some flowers as it was her last General Meeting before she finishes at the end of the year.  Lynne said she will love being a member of this loving, giving family until the day she dies.  She knows that she will never be able to give back to MU what she has got out of it.

A few dates for your diaries, next year’s venue is the Portsmouth Guildhall on the 16th and 17th September.  Thy Kingdom Come will take place at Coventry Cathedral on 31st May 2019 and the theme for 2019 is MULOA Lisgten, Observe and Act in step with god.  Closing worship was led by Bishop Andrew.

The day was completed when we attended a Welsh Choral Concert back in St. Mary’s Church.  The evening was hosted by Kev Johns who was hilarious.  We were entertained by The Morriston RFC Male Choir, Parti Llwchwr Choir (female) and soprano Iona Jones.  The programme was varied but the acoustics were fantastic and the signing made your skin tingle.  It was a really fantastic finish to a wonderful General Meeting.  The only downside to the trip was that although we tramped all over Swansea we could not find any shop or market stall selling Bara Brith!  In fact in one bakery we went into the young shop assistant asked us what it was!  Copies of all the programmes for the events will be on display at the next meeting.

Diary Dates

Thurs. 11th Oct. –

2 p.m.   -   “Chosen” The Story of The Mothers’ Union at St. Mary’s Church, Ashton upon Mersey, Sale M33 6GD – Tickets £5.  If enough interest is shown within the Deanery we may have a coach available.

7.30 p.m.   – Monthly Meeting – Speakers Cathy Beavis & Carol May – Myanmar, Hats, Handwarmers & More

Refreshments: Di Waller & Sheila Hodkinson    Raffle & Table Flower: Di Waller    Vote of Thanks:

Trudi Ray

Pictures from our visit to the General Meeting held in Swansea


In July we held our very successful Annual Summer  lunch when the speaker told us all about Joyce Grenfell. This followed a delicious buffet prepared by the members and we were lucky enough to have 3 excellent helpers in the kitchen who were husbands of three of our members.

For our August meeting we were entertained by Louise Danson from the Dogs Trust in Manchester.  She showed us slides explaining the work which they do and she brought along her dog, Bailey who was impeccably behaved.

In September many of our members are going to be on holiday so if any visitors would like to come along and swell the numbers they would be welcomed with open arms !!!

Ann Cresswell